Call Moirera… She’ll Help You Out

August 30, 2015

We’ve all had times when, as soon as our pay check is deposited into our account and we’ve paid our bills we come to the realization that yet again, we won’t have any money left for anything else, until the next pay check that is, when we start all over.

suddenly-cheap-phone-sexNot being able to pay our bills because we barely make any money often times lead to some of these bills being left out for the next paychech.  You do that a couple of times and all of a sudden you name appears like a beacon of shame in the various credit bureau databases which of course means that your credit is now shot, and if you need a loan, you’ll have to pay that much more money in interest.

And thus begins the circle of death, that slow dance to nowhere when you find yourself more and more mired in the unending whirlpool of rising interest payment which of course means that the first chunk of money that leaves that paycheck of yours at the beginning of each month goes to… pay those interest fees.

Lenders will loan you money and the poorer you are the more money they’ll make out of you.  It is the reality of the world we live in and it is self inflicted.  Every time Apple comes with a new phone, I am the first one to get it, and I now am the proud owner of their latest and coolest devices which does everything a man could think of, even paying for goods just by flashing the darned phone at a cash register.  It’s so easy now.  It’s like you’re saying hello, only in reality, you saying good bye to your money.  But I was talking about self inflicted wounds.  You see, I am the proud owner of every gadget that comes out, even if I can’t really afford it, or even really need it, whereas a good friend of mine still uses one of the oldest smartphone you could think of.  I have a really cool and brand new car, he drives the same car he bought 7 years ago.  The result?  His credit score is 780, and mine is barely over 550.  What does it mean in real term? When is girlfriend and him bought a house, the interest on their mortgage was 4.125%.  Getting a mortgage was a breeze and they own a lovely little house, which I am sure is only the beginning.  Me on the other hand am still renting a run down apartment because I couldn’t qualify for a mortgage with an interest of less than 8% which pushed my monthly payment so high that I couldn’t afford the monthly payment anymore.

Did I tell you we work at the same company and he makes the same amount of money I do?

Yes it is a self inflicted wound and I am not even complaining about it to him anymore, because the last time he, he told me to call Moreria, a “friend” of his and she would help me out with a loan to consolidate all my other loans and get started on recovering some semblance of pride with my credit scores.

I though it was a grand idea and so I called.  I spoke to Moreira, had a great time with her, but we didn’t discuss fico scores or loan repayments.  She was the owner of a cheap phone sex company and her specialty was elsewhere.


Self inflicted all right but I had such a good time…  And for the $20 she charged me for my moment of bliss, I might call her again.  Never mind the fact that there are girls I know whom I would be very lucky to date. If only I could be less of an arse.  But such a cool arse…